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Chloe was our pet Potbellied pig. In July of 2002, Chloe just couldn't fight the arthritis and Wallerian degeneration any longer. We made the difficult decision to put her down.

I was heartbroken when Chloe died, wanting to do something to honor her and other Potbellied Pigs who have passed so briefly through our lives.

That's how Chloe's Garden and this website came to life. I built a garden in her memory. It is a place for her and all of our lost Potbellied Pig friends and companions.

If you have lost a pet pig, you can place your pig in Chloe's Garden. Use the link below to send me a picture and/or story about your pig. Click on the PBP Heaven picture to view those who have already joined Chloe in her garden.

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