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May 3, 1991 to June 19, 2007

Bo Jackswine A Glorious Pig

I do not really know where to start. My amazing boy, Bo Jackswine is gone. It all really seems surrreal, although I have known in my heart for the last week or so that he was really struggling. On Sat. and Sun. Bob and I had to carry him in and out of the house and I knew that this was not a good sign.

Bo and I have been joined at the hip for 16 yrs. he is and has always been my special boy, I loved him more than I can ever express and I truly believe the feeling was mutual, so it was for this reason that I knew that I had to do the best for my boy. I made the decision to take him to the Univ. of Florida Vet School so that they could do xrays and CT Scans etc. to find out exactly what was going on with Bo. I had been managaing his arthritis over the last couple of yrs. and doing pretty well, but this was getting serious and I knew I needed help and confirmation of what I thought was going on.

My dear , dear friend Barbara Baker went with me and how grateful I am for her. Bob I loaded Bo in the car early this AM for our trip to Gainesville . I held out hope that maybe there was something they could offer my dear sweet boy, I had a gut feeling that it was not to be, but knew I had to know for sure before I could go further, after 16 yrs. I owed doing everything possible for Bo.

The University was excellent, they treated us with respect and dignity and for that I am forever grateful. The day was long and hard and not anything I hope to ever go through again, and in the end it was as I had suspected and Bo's arthritis was so severe that they could offer no options for him. He had bone on bone on his spine and on his front legs and all the vets concurred that even injecting him in the joint with cortisone was not going to help, and only give him minimal relief and would require bringing him back for shots every 2 to 3 weeks at best ..... the stress would be horrible and take its toll on all of us. Bo deserved better than that.

It is indeed the hardest decision I have ever had to make. I thought my heart would break and I wanted to scream out loud that it just wasn't fair. But, it was the last act of love and care that I could do for my dear sweet Bo Jackswine. The end came quietly with just me telling Bo how much I loved him and what a totally amazing piggy he was and how much he had changed my life.

So, tonight as I sit here and realize that I will never kiss his sweet face again or feel his long long hair or hear his sweet ooffing to me, his head on my lap as we watch Oprah every afternoon, I am devastated. I know I made the right decision, but the right decision for him is profoundly sad to me and Bob a loss that we will feel forever.

continued below...

I feel that I must tell you some amazing things about my boy, he came into the world as the runt of the litter and he had an attitude !! I spent the first month of my life with him on the floor tryng to get him to like me just a little, much less love me !!!! But, in time he gave in and we were a team! He was always a "mamas boy" and really did not have alot of interest in being friends with anyone else !! But, having said that he proceeded to go to school with me and to become the 1st grade class mascot at BayPoint Elementary School ! We went to City Council to change the ordinance in our city so that pigs would be legal ! We were on the news an all the channels and Bo went to council in a red bow tie and cumberbund!!!! He was a hit needless to say and the ordinance was approved unanimously!

Bo also went to Senior Citizen nursing homes and brought much joy. He was a real crowd pleaser out in public, but not the greatest host at home!! He would choose instead to be left alone for the most part and the only person that I can honestly say he really didn't like was Bob Baker !! As Bob had held him to get his hooves trimmed many yrs. ago and Bo NEVER forgot!!!

Bo lived a wonderful life, he was spoiled, he never wanted for a thing, and he was in great shape according to the vets except for his arthritis, after 16 yrs. his body just gave out on him, he could not get up and walk and it was devastating to him and all of us. Bo weighed 100 lbs. at the time of his death, he was a lean, mean machine, or at least we told him so. Such a proud boy.

Today when the end came, I was with him, I had promised him I would be there until the end and I was. For this amazing, life changing pig it was all that could happen. He had earned it over and over. He had been there for me so many times, taught me so many life lessons , so much about trust, persistance, devotion, strength, joy, laughter,dignity, love , love love. I could never repay all the joy he has given me, all the wonderful friends he has brought me, all the wonderful piggies I have met, the places I have gone, if it were not for Bo. Truly a life changing experience in every sense of the word. I am forever changed because of this pig.

Today as Barbara I drove out of the parking lot I really could not comprehend the depth of my loss, it is really just now sinking in, but at the same time I am smiling in remembering all the memories that I have and will hold in my heart forever. I know that I will call on them many times in the days ahead when I need a smile.

As we drove toward home I looked to my left and there was a rainbow...... a glorious rainbow, a sign I suspect from my dear Bo Jackswine to his mom that all is well and there are better days ahead.

A Glorious Pig Indeed. God Bless Bo Jackswine.

Bo Jackswine
May 3, 1991- June 19, 2007