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Chloe Born June 6 2002
Murdered January 5, 2006

Chloe's Eulogy is below



My dear friend CHLOE. We shared a lot from a 6-week-old piglet to a beautiful 3 and half year old. You were my friend and family first. My rock when I needed love. I miss you so much. The way you would crawl in the bed with me and cuddle, the warmth and love you possessed was so needed in my life.

I didn't own Chloe, she owned me.

The refrigerator is safe now, I don't have to chase a bag of apples as it heads out the back door. No toilet paper unrolled and chewed up. No books with the front cover ripped off. Nobody to talk to me while I shower and tell me about her day. Only the vacant heart that struggles to go on without you, my CHLOEBELL.

I am so very sorry that barbarians took you. I have failed you, my little girl. The neighborhood you grew up in has turned on us both. An insidious evil has spread through the land, destroying any possibility of harmony. Everyone involved with this wonton bloodlust could be struck down in a most heinous fashion, sure I would enjoy their fate, yet still my heart would ache for you CHLOE. Not this way little girl, you were to grow old with me. I would have given my life to save you. A part of me was killed and eaten that day. By doing nothing and allowing such an atrocity to occur, you people may as well have partaken of Chloe's flesh yourselves.

When my little girl would get out of the yard in the past, she would come to Lakeshore court out of trust, she knew it well. We all know what happened that day, in the end all of you will be held accountable. Next time go for me, Chloe's Daddy, not my poor trusting friend. CHLOE had more goodness and moral character in one hoof than you shameless heathens have in your whole bodies.





Multiple witnesses have informed me of her abduction on the 5th of January and the huge barbeque held on the 7th of January as told to me. All reports from two residences were accompanied with refusal to talk with the police, as they feared reprisals from the occupants who murdered my Chloe.

A new unit was brought in the backyard to cook Chloe in. The pagonistic barbarians were so delighted with their ill-gotten carcass all the friends and family were invited to consume my poor little girl. Thus, exposing the complete and utter disregard for the sanctity of life, not to mention the contempt for the Metropolitan Police Department and myself. The flow of nonrelated accounts has been so numerous I now tell the cowards to keep it to themselves. The pain does not cease; the struggle for sanity is never-ending.

Lil Pete has been given to a loving family. I could not justify keeping him, the fear he would meet the same fate as Chloe is too great. No payment was asked nor received for Lil Pete, this would have been blood money.

There is so much more to say from this devastation, but nobody is listening.