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1992 to May 21, 2008

We lost Chuckles today. It has been almost exactly 13 months since we lost George.

Chuckles was about 16 years old and given 3 to 10 months to live, 28 months ago, due to a mass in his chest. UCDavis also wanted to euthanize him 11 years ago due to his end stage arthritis, diagnosed at that time. Of course we said no way, and we worked with every alternative herb/RX we could. In the end it was his legs that took him, not the mass.

Dr. Smith is a vet who only does home euthanasia. Our dear friend Carol was with us again, as she was with George and even TS back in 1995. Thank you Carol! Chuckles went peacefully although the mass in his chest made it a little difficult for Dr. Smith to find Chuckles’ heart. But once found, he went very fast and in peace. No more pain. We figure poor Chuckles has been in some kind of pain for eleven straight years. I can’t imagine putting up with pain that long. He was such a trooper with a wonderful sense of humor.

We all got to say goodbye and give lots of pets and kisses. Everyone even got some berry pie last night. Chuck got a second large piece today. Carol also brought over some really tasty ice cream, which he thought was just grand.

We drove him to a veterinary clinic in Castro Valley for a private cremation so we can have his ashes returned to us. The vet conducted a quick necropsy (autopsy) and found out that the mass in Chuckles chest was an encapsulated abscess the size of a large egg. We feel the antibiotics that Chuckles has been on for 28 months are what kept him alive this long.

Yes, we spent thousands of dollar in 28 months on Chuckles… but you know what Chris and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The first six months Chris was referring to Chuck as the cost of a new really good graphics computer. By the end, it was closer to the cost of a new car. Chuckles was one of our family. We will miss him terrible.

The attached pixs were taken in the last two days. Riff usually sleeps right next to anyone who is within a day or so of leaving us. It’s so sweet. They were both crammed into that igloo. And you can see how much Chuckles loves his pie!

Please know that we know you are all thinking of us right now and sending us lots of hugs. And we thank you all for that. No need to reply to this email. I don't think I will be replying to emails for a few days.

Chuckles, Sir Chuckles of Fine Swine, we will miss you something awful.

Love Marcie and Chris