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March, 2006

Hoover came to me as a rescue. After being abused and dumped along the road, he roamed about with another pig at his side. Unfortunately the other little pig was killed by either dogs or Coyotes. Animal Control was able to catch Hoover and he lived at the animal shelter for a few years. Then the shelter was moving and couldn't take any of the "farm" animals. I was alarmed for the welfare of the pigs. At that time they also had another pig named Oscar. Oscar too had been very badly abused. Someone had beaten him in the face and Animal Control got a call from a male, I won't say man, saying if they didn't come get this blank, blank pig, he was going to rope him and drag him into town behind his truck. Well they did manage to catch him, thank goodness.

Anyway, back to Hoover. I ended up with both the pigs and I promised them that they would never be hurt again. It was from Hoover that I learned that pigs do have a sense of humor, they do have great compassion, and they make a wonderful friend. My son passed away in 2001 and I was devastated. The following morning I went out to feed Hoover and Oscar. Barely able to walk, I put their food into their dishes and then sat down next to Hoover to hug him. Although his food was right there, he turned and put his big head on my shoulder and made the softest little grunting sounds. I sobbed into his neck and he stood perfectly still while I did so. I can not describe the comfort he gave to me.

He use to follow me around when I was cleaning their pen and i would look down at his big beautiful blue eyes and say,"Do you want a tummy rub?" He would promptly go down on his knees and then roll over. I would then lay down next to him, wrap my arm around him and rub his tummy.

And sense of humor? Well one day I tossed three apples in the pen. I had three rescues by then. Hoover ran out first and very quickly took a bite out of each apple. Oscar loved dandelions but Hoover did not. I would throw nice big fresh dandelions into the pen for Oscar. Hoover would come out and walk around and around on them, pushing them into the mud while poor Oscar cried.

I had him for several years although I think he may have been quite old when I got him. The vet couldn't tell me exactly but he too said that he was old. He really began showing his age and I won't go into all we went through with that. But one early morning he passed away in his sleep. The other pigs seem to grieve and I gave them extra loving and petting but it wasn't until i told them one day that Hoover had gone to the Rainbow Bridge and he was laying in the sun and getting tummy rubs from my son that they seem to recover. Assured them that we would see him again. He is buried here on my property and when I have a bad day I go up and sit by his grave and talk to him.

I have rambled on and yet this is only a small portion of my days with him. He was exceptional and loved so much.