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Spring 1999 to June 1999

Kira was born in the early spring of 1999 and died in June of 1999.

She had her own pet kitty. She was a sweet little girl who loved to sleep with the kids and massage their feet with her snout.

Kira was at the beginning of veterinarian learning — when the veterinarians did not know very much about potbellied pigs. The vet I took her to, killed her. She was supposed to be in for a spay. I had asked him to use ISO only, but he used injectible instead.

I no longer use this veterinarians services.

After this incident, I searched for and found veterinarians who will perform services for my pigs the best way for them.

Jo Marie Cope, Executive Director
Country Critters Rescue Corral
Phone: 360-854-0205

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