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I lost my Mimi 2 years ago. A car hit her and rolled her. She had internal injuries and the vet couldn't put her to sleep to operate. I really miss her. She was a loving little pig.

I've attached a picture of Mimi on the couch with me. She was young and still small enough to lay on top of me. Her taste for linoleum and wallpaper sent her to the goat lot. After she arrived, the goat lot became Mimi's lot. She "allowed" the goats to share it with her. She had a favorite pool made of a heavy duty concrete mud pan. It was just the right size for her and she made good use of it. I dug out a hole and dropped it in so she wouldn't have to climb over the edge. The goats were a pain because they knew where their food was stored on the shelf above Mimi's stall. If Daddy left the container too close to the edge, off came the barrel and everyone made a "pig" of themselves. Only Mimi would eat until she couldn't eat anymore and have a tummy ache. I called the vet frantic and at a loss as to what to do. There laid Mimi on her side, moaning and whining in misery. It's amazing what Pepto Bismol tablets will do. The next morning, she was ready to eat again! There are so many little stories to tell and wonderful memories. What started out as my son's pet became my pig Mimi.

Thanks for replying. Only someone with a pig would understand. I'd love to have another one but I don't think Mr. John, my landlord, would be pleased. Maybe one day another pig will come into my life.
Thanks again.

PS - Mimi was named for the lady on the Drew Cary Show. only my Mimi was a lot prettier!