Miss Piggy

Companion to Jo Marie Cope

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October 5, 1990 to February, 2004

Miss Piggy was one of the earlier pigs sold during the Potbellied pig fad. She was born and named, Diane Fineswine on October 5,1990. She was a direct descendant of the original Connell line of potbellied pigs.

Diane Fineswine was a member of the Potbellied Pig Registry Service and was sold for $3,500. She had a litter of piglets the following year, then the prices for potbellied pigs dropped dramatically and she was no longer valuable to the fad market.

Diane Fineswine, since named Miss Piggy lived a great life with a loving young man for 7 years. He had to move and could not take Miss Piggy with him, so she came to live at CCRC in July of 1999. Miss Piggy lived at the sanctuary until her death in February 2004.

In her old age she became a cranky old lady who I loved dearly and I miss her Royal Grumpiness.

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