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Our Beloved "Scooter"

21 years ago a co-worker said she knew of a very small pot bellied pig that needed rescued. I went to see this pig, and was shocked by the conditions he was in. He was kept outside in a dog run with a very large dog that tormented him. It was winter and snow was on the ground and winter is cold in Colorado! I scooped up this little black ball, wrapped him in a towel and away we went. There started the life my husband and I shared with a "pig". He was always the topic of conversation, neighbors and friends came to visit often in 21 years. We have so many funny and fond memories over the years. Like the time I wanted him to have a very comfortable blanket (he never again spent a night outside!) for his custom built I bought him a down sleeping bag, well needless to say that in about 10 minutes of nesting he looked like he had been tarred and feathered! The cabinet locks, eaten house plants, chewed up paper, candles,doorways and on and on just added to how much we loved and enjoyed him. One year he unwrapped all of the grandchildren's Christmas presents, the room looked like a bachelor party gone bad with confetti. Every day was an adventure, for 21 years he blessed us every day with his antics and silliness as well as his devotion and love. RIP our beloved boy.

Scott & Billie Douglas
Brighton, CO