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December 2005

I was lucky enough to be a part of Zeus's life, even if it was for a brief time. I had received word that there were two elderly male pigs in need of adoption. I was a little intimidated, for these would be my first. One, I found out was way overweight and blind, with a grumpy demeanor. Well that happened to be Zeus. It wasn't that he was grumpy, more like misunderstood. He might have been the blind one but he was also the adventureous one. He loved to wander in his roomy pen, rooting and exploring. Everyone that would come to visit the two, were always awed by his massive white mohawk. He always spooked them with his noisy snorts, until they realized it was only happy talk. "Someone is paying attention to me, and bring me treats." I will always miss my gentle giant. Thank you, Zeus, for being such a great teacher!

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Zeus's Legacy

i lived in dark corners, at least i had one friend
you brought me into sunshine, i was never cold again

you seen me and my beauty and i am proud as i can be
i keep my bristles raised to you so that all of you can see

you pampered me with love and filled my tummy with treats
i will never again be hungry, you took care of all my needs

although i leave you now in body, in spirit i remain
and because your love was deep and pure, i'll be back again

mourn just a little mom, but know i am as blessed a pig can be
i am your first, i have taught you well and leave you my legacy

 Written by Janice Gillett