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August 2, 2002 to October 25, 2002

Born to a litter of pigs from an irresponsible and uncertified breeder, Boris was sold for $100 to a family in the Twin Cities. Boris' first month and a half of life was spent inside a small cat carrier, which was in turn kept the in families back yard. Through a series of weather extremes ranging from the high 80's to near freezing, pain and solitude wracked Boris' frail existence. After a month of ownership, Boris' new "family" placed an ad in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune where it was noted by Brigitte VerBout and Kenn White, staunch supporters of Pigs Home N Rome. Offering to take Boris in as a rescue, Brigitte had planned to give Boris a temporary foster home till he could be brought to Pigs Home N Rome for its open house, October 26, 2002.Unfortunately, months of abuse and neglect had rendered poor Boris' immune system completely unable to deal with the many viruses and illnesses that had invaded his little body. Months of sleeping in his own filth, mange infestation and severe emaciation from malnutrition (he had been fed Guinea Pig pellets) had left Boris difficult to even look at. He had developed a case of pneumonia (fluidic infection of the lungs) which had escalated into "plural friction rubbing of the lungs" (the outer lining of his lungs had been rubbed off against his ribs as he attempted to take larger breaths of air to compensate for the fluid which had built up in his lungs). Boris was saved on October 16, 2002 by Brigitte & Kenn. A few days after arriving in Brigitte and Kenn's home, little Boris began to vomit up whole parasitic worms, indicating that Boris had never even been de-wormed prior to his original placement. In addition, he had zero body fat and little actual muscle mass due to the fact that his nutrition starved body had begun to feed upon itself in a desperate attempt to save itself. This had left Boris unable to walk more than a few strained steps before he would collapse upon the ground in exhaustion.Brigitte and Kenn knew that they had a special case which was beyond their abilities and best intentions to aide, so Boris was taken to the Osceola Veterinary Hospital and placed under the expert care of Dr. Johnson on Monday October 21, 2002. After only a few days of care, Boris died in his sleep in the early hours of Friday, October 25, 2002 - only one day before he would have been placed within the care of Pigs Home N Rome.

Brigitte and Kenn accumulated over $350 in veterinary bills from their attempt to save Boris from a life of neglect and abuse. Though their efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, it is worth it to know that Boris' last week on this Earth was spent in warmth, safety, and with the love of a family he had never had the chance to know.Any amount that can be donated to help Brigitte and Kenn pay for these bills are graciously accepted and appreciated in the hopes that future rescue attempts will not be discouraged, and that more of these special animals can be placed with loving, caring families that would never seek to treat them with such disdain and contempt. You can make a donation thru Pay Pal ~ use the e-mail address of mark it as "Boris Fundraiser"
*Necropsy results are pending and all records will be sent to The Duchess Fund.
Thank you.
Brigitte & Kenn