(AKA Big Ma Ma)

Companion to Steven and Christine Romano

Big Ma Ma

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November 2002

Breaker was with us only 3 months when she unexpectedly died. We took her to the vet to have 2 lumps checked out and have her spayed in the hopes of keeping her content. You see, every time Breaker would come in heat, she would live up to her name! Break out and go roaming!

When they opened her up to perform the spaying, they found an 18-pound tumor! Breaker never regained consciousness!

We adopted Breaker from Social Swines in Naples, FL. She was rescued in 1997 after being taken by animal control as an abuse case. Breaker was being used to train dogs to hunt wild pigs.

We nick-named Breaker "Big Ma Ma" and Big Ma Ma stole our hearts right from the start! We were devastated to lose her.

I still miss her deeply. She definitely took a piece of my heart with her!

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Breaker in her new house