Companion to Helen Morrison

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July 4, 1992 to June 3, 1996

This is Damien. He was born July 4 1992 and we paid $500 for him weeks in advance!

When he was 8 months old he decided he was going to follow me down the basements steps and he fell. Not long after he had a bad limp and x-rays showed deteriorated hip joint, maybe congential, and there was internal bleeding. So we paid $800 for hip reconstruction surgery.

His favorite pastime was sleeping on the couch with my husband. My husband digitized some of Damiens sounds to use on the computer.

Damien was still clever at begging and stealing food, and was overweight. His tusks started growing in toward his cheeks. So we took him to the vet for a hoof and mouth job. He woke up and was walking around, talking, eating, and peeing, then he just dropped dead on June 3, 1996.

--Helen Morrison