Companion to Lorelei Pulliam

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May 20, 2002 to August 13, 2002

It is easy to figure out which one Dottie is. Didn't she look like an angel even then? Every night after I tuck my babies in, I think of her and count her in with all the others. Although she isn't with us physically, I know she is safe and loved and with me always.

Dottie was born in my bathroom two days after her 7 month old mother was rescued from a filthy, shelterless pen filled with other pigs. Although her mother had been born and raised in the woods and never handled before, she was totally tamed after I had to rub the life into each her tiny, still piglets as they were born. These piglets were the first for us and brought so much joy as they ventured out into the house and galloped through the kitchen. Dottie was as sweet and gentle a souls as there ever was. All the children that came for our therapeutic summer camps loved her the best. She died snuggled with her Mom and siblings two nights after being spayed. The autopsy revealed a twisted intestine. When we carried her little body out of the stall, her brother, Homer, came and put his mouth up to hers to kiss her good-bye. Our sweet Angel now lies on a hill overlooking her Mom and siblings who will remain a part of our family forever.

Lorelei L. Pulliam