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December 28, 2003

Our big sweet boy, Dudley, no longer hurts and has to suffer cold, he has gone to skip and frolic at the Rainbow Bridge with all the others before him.

Don went out to check him about 20 times last night. Each time he was laying easy, asleep, but refused to take anything at all. This time he was still laying contently on his tummy, but the sweet light had gone out, quietly with no fighting, just gone.

So now, right now, is a bitter sweet time for us, knowing in our hearts he is in a better place, yet wishing for our sake he was with us. He died knowing love, from us and I know from each of you, and for that I thank you from the deepest love in my heart.

We're okay but I probably won't be on the puter much today, spending it with my husband and son, but thank each of you for the help, support and love you have given us while we tried to help him out. This has opened a whole new world to us and new space in our hearts, that's for sure.

--Pat Ditch