Links of Interest


Pet Pig Zoning Consultant — Becky DiNolfi is a Zoning Consultant, Activist, and Trainer for Potbellied pigs. She is also an Animal Communicator, Reiki Grand Master Drumming Practitioner, Dowser, and AAT Pet Partner.


All About Aquarium Fish — All About Fish, Krill, Algae, and More: Resources for Aquarium Owners

Monty's Den — A place for exotic pets who have crossed the bridge.

California Potbellied Pig Association

The Duchess Fund — The purpose of this site is to enhance the care and welfare of miniature pet (potbellied) pigs as a companion animal through information, research, and education.

University of California, Davis — This link takes you to the teaching hospital's home page.

Belly Draggers Ranch Pig Sanctuary — I've never seen so many sweet and affectionate pigs in one place!

Twinki's Pages — Wonderful site in the UK.

Lil Orphan Hammies — Suey's imaginative and loving home for rescued potbellied pigs.

Merck Vet Manual — Great all around veterinary manual used by vets.

Pigs, A sanctuary — Sanctuary located in West Virginia. This is the first sanctuary I ever became aware of. The founder had come to California to speak at a CPPA club meeting, and had stopped in at my home to visit my pigs.

NCOPP — National Committee On Potbellied Pigs.

List of vets who treat pots — Vets are listed by state and city.

Mini-Pigs, Inc. — Richard and Laura Hoyle's beautiful and totally wonderful sanctuary.

Dottie's wonderful site — Anything and everything about pet pigs can be found here in Dottie's Den.

Pigs Home N Rome — Pig rescue and adoption. Carol's mission is to rescue and place unwanted pigs into new and permanent homes.

Wings of Mercy Animal Rescue — Wings of Mercy is dedicated to rescuing animals in need and helping sanctuaries that take in rescued animals, particularly pot bellied pigs. They do not limit their efforts only to the pot bellied pigs, but they are their specialty and primary focus.

HoofsnHorns — Shelby's delightful site for little goats and handmade soaps. Be sure to check out her herbal products and piggy soap.

Pigs Of Great Fortune — Nancy and Emma Louise. This is Nancy Crusan's website. Lots of cute pictures, good information, and links to other sites.

Country Critters Rescue Corral — Jo Marie Cope's non-profit agency servicing northwest Washington that provides rescues, relocations, adoptions, sponsorships, pet-sitting, supportive services, and networking with other animal agencies.

Rossmill Farm — The Ross Mill Farm, owned and operated by Susan Armstrong and Richard Magidson, is a multi-service facility dedicated to the pig as a household companion pet.

Puyya.com — Comprehensive pet directory.

Happy Hunting Grounds — Happy Hunting Grounds is the heart-work of Michelle Garofano. Michelle is an ordained minister with a life-long love of animals. She provides a unique Funerary Rites service designed especially for honoring pets.

Pets — The complete guide to choosing and caring for your pet. Pet Names, pet care, pet informatiom, help chosing a pet and more. 

Pet Directory — Offers links to pet information, such as cat, dog, bird, fish, reptiles, amphibian, supply, service, training, accessories, animal health and much more.