Pork Chop

Companion to Judy Garrett

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December 12, 1994 to March 7, 1997

Pork Chop was and always will be #1 piggy in my heart. She came into my life in the year of 1995. She was two months old. Pork Chop was my very first piggy. She loved to go for rides in the car. She would dress up with her straw flowered hat and sit on my lap. She would watch everything and everybody we passed by. People would say “Oh, look! What a cute little pig in the straw hat.”

Pork Chop would go for walks on her harness and leash. She thought she was Miss Big Stuff strutting around the yard. When it was time for a swim, Porks (that's what I called her for short) would love to play in the little pool I had for her. She would bob for cherry tomatoes. That was her favorite game.

Pork Chop was our house piggy. She had her own bedroom and bed, but loved to sleep next to me.

Pork Chop was a little female. Her breed was a Juliani. She had such a gentle disposition and loved to play, especially if she had someone or something to play with.

In the year of 1997 is when my Porks had to go to The Rainbow Bridge. She turned around too fast and broke her spine. The vet did everything she could to help Pork Chop, but the damage was done and a decision had to be made. Now she is at The Rainbow Bridge. I'll never forget my Pork Chop. I love her so much and miss her deeply.

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