Companion to Diane

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Spring of 1989 to October 30, 2002

I had to put Ruben down last week, I had him for 13 years, He slept with me when he was a baby, how many can say they slept with a pig. When he reached 300 Lbs and knocked the couch over I fixed him his own barn and yard, but he never pooped in his yard, he kept that clean and came out to use my yard. When my big dog would run out in the morning and try and wake him up, no sir he just grunted and said no way and stayed under his feather bed and blankets. Try and sneak one little vegetable to him and it stayed in the middle of his dish as he had eaten his fruit and pot food. I miss him dearly in fact this afternoon when I started to fix food for the dogs, I realized I had grabbed his dish too. A good sweet animal and I miss him dearly.

Ruben had a stroke, he could not get up at all. I also have a little Chinese Crested Hairless, his name is Feo which in Spanish means ugly and he fits that bill to a tee. He also is 13 years old and has a lump on his neck the size of a small orange, it is Cancer, he was diagnosed at the beginning of the year and I have been feeding him 6 times a day, he isn't in any pain and the vet was amazed that he is still alive, vet said that usually after they are diagnosed they only last 4 to 6 weeks. So that is why I was so shocked with Ruben, it was so unexpected but I really appreciate all the support from everyone.