Piggles and Pearl

Companions to Jo Marie Cope

Sisters Napping

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February, 1990 to November 3, 2005

Piggles and Pearl were two sisters who came together into CCRC at 14 years of age. They experienced a good life and had always been together. When their piggy parents moved to a retirement home, the girls could not move with them.

Piggles and Pearl lived a comfortable life at CCRC until serious health conditions severely limited their peaceful life. Piggles suffered from cancerous tumors while Pearl was troubled greatly with liver failure. They almost reached 16 years old. They were born together, lived together and buried together.

Piggles and Pearl were very sweet old ladies, enjoying attention and loving belly rubs. They will be greatly missed.

Jo Marie Cope, Executive Director
Country Critters Rescue Corral
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