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January 20, 2004

Tina was aprox 3 months of age. I rescued her Saturday 1-17-04. Her diet consisted of dog food, bread, rice and carpeting. Her owners had no clue on how to care for a pig! By Sunday morning I already knew this pig was in some serious trouble. I talked with vets on Sunday while she screamed in pain in the backround. Monday I got her to the vet's office and the plan was to get her to the University for surgery for blockage. Unfortunatly the University was closed due to Martin Luther King Day, so she was admitted Monday into the vet's hospital there at the clinic. Tuesday (today) I left early to get to the vet's office before he got too busy. By the time I arrived they had Tina in an incubator trying to warm her. Her body temp had dropped to 86 degrees and she was having seizures. He said she was not going to make it and surgery would be of no help because she'd never survive the trip to the university...it was just too late for this little one. He was pretty convinced that peritinitus had set in and her organs were shutting down as a result of all the toxins. I asked if I could hold her and talk to her. He had no problem with that. When I picked her up she managed to turn her little snouty to me and give me one last kiss. She went back into seizures and I just kept holding her and rocking like a baby telling her I loved her for the short amount of time she was with me. I told her it was ok to cross over because Terri would be there waiting for her.....Terri always laughed about the pigs! I was with Tina for aprox 40 minutes when she passed on. We had discussed helping her cross, but I suspect Terri told her it was ok and that she'd be safe and happy with no more pain ~ and she was gone. She died in my arms full of love. She was only a baby.

~~Carol of Pigs Home N Rome