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Victoria passed away on January 2, 2006

Victoria came to me 3 ½ years ago with 7 other piggies. They were not for me. They were to be pets for my daughter-in-law and grandchildren who were living with me at the time. Unfortunately, 1 month after they came the others did not want them and decided to move. How familiar a story. Physically, I knew I could not take care of them. Nancy came to the rescue and took 4 and I kept 4. I have to admit it took me time to get to love them. But then you have no choice with those guys.

While not the Ritz, I made sure they were protected from the weather and on cold days they have some real hot food.

Victoria, would love to go on walkabouts amongst 10 acres. Very often I would have to go and look for her to know that she was OK. She was a very busy little lady. When she slept she would make sure to go deep under the hay and the blankets and then come out covered with it. Sometimes it took her awhile to get out from under the blanket when it was cold she was so tangled up in it. It was fun to watch her. She was always the last to want to wake up and leave their house. She did not care to come out if it was cold. (Florida style)

She had a hard time for a couple of weeks and I am glad to say she is at peace now and keeping warm.