Companion to Brenda Frost

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June 1, 2002 to October 16, 2002

My very first, much sought after piggy, Virgil, had never been handled. Picked him from his two brothers and mother in a lot with sheep, burros, chickens, goats, even thoroughbred horses.

He was a wild little fellow when I brought him home, covered with lots of mud and scared terribly. We became best of friends in a few short weeks. He had shown me a new love!

The devastating day I lost him he had gotten thru the fence and into the neighbor's pasture with a pair of mules. Motionless, when I found him...he was gone.

Virgil had a very short life with an enormous impact on me. He opened the door for me to the joy of pot piggys which will always remind me of him.

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