Companion to Janice Gillett

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October 19, 1993 to March 23, 2003

Few of us grew up with the faithful family pig that inspired us to get one of our own when we were grown. Our love for this unique critter was cultivated not by a childhood pal but by a special pig that more often than not landed in our laps by accident or a chance encounter. Some might call if fate.

Through this first little pig that found a way into our hearts and home, many of us came to love and appreciate all pigs. Many times that special first pig soon found itself sharing their home and human family with many other pigs. Not because more pigs were needed but because more pigs were needing and there was nowhere else for them to turn.

It was through the love inspired by that first exceptional pig that gave so many others a chance at life that they otherwise would not have had. A domino effect was created and the lives of countless pigs and people were changed. Some of these new pig parents found themselves with sanctuaries, others offering help and advise to pigs and pig people in need, some were driven to rescue the most desperate, and many others generously give of their hard earned resources and time. A chosen few find themselves doing it all. Most can trace the beginnings of this calling to a single pig.

Many of these “first pigs” gave up being the sole recipient of the love that they had searched for. Precious time that would have been spent with them had to shared. This is to honor one of those special pigs that was sent where he was needed most. This pig that made such a difference in the heart of the woman that loved him that she could never ignore the plight of the rest. All who needed sanctuary found it with her and her Willy at Hearts On Noses.

Thank you, Willy and Janice for helping us all to remember those special first pigs in our lives: the ones who will always live on in our hearts. To remind us not to let them go overlooked when we are pulled in so many directions. We all owe them a special debt. The price is almost unbearable when the time comes to say Good-Bye. But we look at those that are left; living their lives in peace and comfort and safety and know that it is worth it. They are the ultimate tribute to Willy and all those like him.

Written by Lorelei L. Pulliam